Thank you, middle school ‘careers class’ teachers

The teacher for the middle school “careers class” teaches her students more than just how to research careers. She teaches her students how to write a resume and the importance of obtaining letters of recommendation. She teaches them about job interviews and firm hand shakes. She helps her students understand the value of higher education and how to research colleges.

One of the final class assignments was for her students to pass two job interviews. The parents of the students were asked if they would be willing to come to the school and help interview the students. I gladly volunteered.

When I showed up, I was given a packet of information with a folder for each student. If the student had done their assignment correctly, their folder contained a resume,  two letters of recommendation and an evaluation sheet. I was asked to interview three students and then determine if I wanted to hire them on the spot, schedule a second interview, or turn them down for the job. The interviews took less than five minutes.

Each student I interviewed was very nervous. It was challenging for them to make eye contact or to give a firm handshake. They had applied for jobs that they had chosen (zoo employee, basketball coach, etc.). I tried to be kind and ask the questions with a smile. Some of the students were definitely more prepared than others and I was glad to help these students with their first job interview.

I love that this class is offered at the middle school but I wish that it was a required class. All students need to learn this information.

Because my daughter took this class, she learned how to write a resume, ask for letters of recommendation and successfully interview for a job. This class helped her to understand the importance of higher education. It helped her to see the link between the cost of college and starting salaries. When her brother began applying to colleges, she told him about the importance of researching colleges. She wanted to make sure that the college he chose had the right programs for his future career.

It has been fun and interesting to watch her grasp a better understanding of the economy and her roll in it. Thank you, middle school careers teacher!

If your school doesn’t offer this class, you might consider teaching your children how to apply for a job. Recruit some friends to interview your kids. Maybe they’ll get a job to keep them busy this summer. 😁

Melanie Flake

Melanie Flake

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