Melanie Flake

Will 2020 be known as the year kids didn’t go to school?

My kids may not be learning what elementary, middle and high school kids have learned in the past, but they are learning what it means to survive during a pandemic and economic downturn. 

This graduation will not be forgotten

I am so grateful the high school celebrated this important educational milestone amidst this pandemic.

Spring AP testing experiences have been stressful for teens

What has been your experience, learning at home in isolation?

My family’s struggles during stay-home orders

Each child tackles the days — and school work — differently.

We recognized the need for structure and education

How our family is dealing with isolation during the pandemic. What is your family doing to cope?

My new normal as a mom

I’m trying to balance the negativity with the perks of living a new unstructured life. 

Are you sending your child to school?

Should schools close or remain open in the wake of coronavirus entering Idaho?

What are the struggles and benefits of a four-day school week?

Does your school operate on a four day week? If so, share your experience.

How is your family discussing the coronavirus?

Are you stocking up on supplies?

My kids’ favorite class … by far

The reason this class is so great is the subject matter. Students learn about real life responsibilities and decisions.