Durst plans to lead West Bonner under a provisional certificate

He’s missing a required qualification but some workarounds mean he can still serve as superintendent.

Boise charter school to move locations after facilities debt default

The Village Leadership Academy has been in hot water since 2019, when a report revealed financial malpractice.

Analysis: An obscure group will pick Idaho’s in-demand careers, and nobody’s watching

The Workforce Development Council will shape Idaho Launch, an ambitious and complicated effort to provide up to $8,000 in incentives to high school graduates, starting next year.

Commission hires new director, welcomes new commissioner

INSIDE: Commenters call out overregulation and errors.

Trustees select Branden Durst to lead West Bonner schools

The former state superintendent candidate was selected over finalist Susan Luckey, a 20-year employee who served as interim superintendent.

Trustees search for ways to reach more voters

Superintendent Wendy Johnson presented four options for the next bond issue request: Nov. 7, 2023; May 17, 2024; Aug. 30, 2024; and Nov. 5, 2024.

Favorite Teacher series: First-year teacher inspires future doctors and nurses

Sarah Hurst paints an accurate picture of the medical field for the students, and they appreciate it.

Homeschoolers discuss how to navigate an unconventional learning experience

Convention speaker Jenny Nelson talked about finding dinosaur bones and watching buffalo herds. “You can’t duplicate this inside your house with a textbook.”

JUNE UPDATE: Superintendent Shuffle: 2023 turnovers at education’s helm

INSIDE: A roundup of the state’s most recent leadership changes.

‘Alarming’ test scores and inaccurate histories: Tribal leaders call for action in Idaho classrooms

Critchfield says State Department can ‘do better’ when it comes to Native American education.