New Title IX rules on hold in 10 states, including Idaho

The ruling blocks a Biden administration proposal to extend Title IX, and ban discrimination in schools based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Idaho GOP platform changes include opposition to workforce training funding, embryo destruction

One successful proposal expresses opposition to “using taxpayer funding for programs beyond high school.”

The $100,000 club: Idaho’s costliest legislative primaries

In an expensive GOP primary, a dozen legislative races reached the six-figure threshold, with candidates spending at least $100,000. The results were mixed. Hardliners won several races, while other candidates beat back hardline opposition.

Dorothy Moon reelected as chairwoman of the Idaho Republican Party

GOP chairwoman defeated former Idaho legislator and challenger Mary Souza for party’s leadership position.

Our 10-year-old just made me think twice about filling up her summer schedule

A Dad’s Diary: It’s important for active families to know that you can over-schedule your kids, to have an ongoing dialogue and to watch for signs that they are overdoing it.

Journalists barred from observing first day of Idaho Republican state convention

“In my mind, this is a private group,” state GOP chairwoman Dorothy Moon said Thursday. “It’s a private association.”

State Board approves new U of I school for health professions

The school will house three new departments: medicine, clinical medicine and nursing.

New revelations, new wrinkles in Supreme Court hearing on Phoenix sale

The state’s highest court took up the year-old open meetings case Thursday, but issued no ruling. Here’s what we learned and what we heard.

In-depth: After a year of uncertainties, the summer of Launch begins

It will be years before we know if Idaho Launch is improving Idaho’s stubbornly low college go-on rates — or whether Launch grads are staying in Idaho to work. We know this much: This summer, 9,250 students will receive the first set of Launch scholarships.

State Board sets new minimum instructional days. What that means for four-day districts

Also on Wednesday, the board approved raises for three college and university presidents.