Kevin Richert and Clark Corbin

Legislative roundup, 2.9.21: New higher education fee opt-out bill introduced

Some legislators want college students to be able to opt out of fees they aren’t using.

Legislative roundup, 2.8.21: House Education kills Ybarra’s in-person learning bill

Legislators encouraged Ybarra to improve her bill and bring back a rewritten version.

Legislative roundup, 1.29.21: Boise State budget pitch turns testy

“Our constituents are upset and want some action taken, against BSU in particular,” said Rep. Ron Nate, R-Rexburg. “What we have is an agenda of serving our students and serving our state,” said Boise State President Marlene Tromp.

Legislative roundup, 1.27.21: In an another ominous sign, college scholarship applications decrease

The application process isn’t finished, but the numbers could foreshadow more bad news about Idaho college enrollment.

Legislative roundup, 1.26.21: Presidents continue push for higher ed budget

“The past two years have been nothing short of challenging, both financially and operationally,” Lewis-Clark President Cynthia Pemberton told legislative budget-writers Tuesday.

Legislative roundup, 1.21.21: Charter funding bill surfaces

The House Education Committee will hold a public hearing on the bill Monday.

Statehouse roundup, 1.18.21: House committee seeks to lift caps on public gatherings

School sporting events were a focal point in Monday morning’s debate.

Legislative roundup: 1.14.21: Rules debates continue in the Statehouse

Committee members quizzed State Board of Education officials about school funding and the question of using an enrollment calculation to calculate funding, as opposed to an attendance-based formula.

Legislative roundup, 1.12.21: Committees begin to get organized

The House Education Committee and the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee held their organizational sessions Tuesday morning.

Election Night 2020: A viewer’s guide

You’ve heard a lot about the president’s race. Now, let’s talk about some Idaho races that could affect education policy.