Kevin Richert and Clark Corbin

Legislative roundup, 3.3.21: Moon’s labor negotiations bill advances

If the bill becomes law, school districts could decide whether or not to negotiate with the local teachers union.

Legislative roundup, 3.2.21: Ehardt’s sex education opt-in bill advances

Only one person testified in favor of the bill during more than an hour of public testimony.

Legislative roundup, 2.25.21: Ybarra’s in-person learning bill advances

Ybarra’s bill is the fourth major bill on school reopening legislators are considering this session.

Legislative roundup, 2.24.21: Bill would allow parents to pull students out of schools not offering in-person learning

Parents could pull their children out and receive a pro-rated payment they could use to reimburse eligible education expenses.

Legislative roundup, 2.22.21: Bill would seek to relax expulsion requirements

Under a bill headed to the Senate floor, officials would not have to automatically expel a student who brings a knife into a school.

Legislative roundup, 2.18.21: New bill would revive Strong Families grants

The bill would also create state scholarships for students who do not attend public schools.

Legislative roundup, 2.17.21: Clow pushes for money for virtual charters

The Idaho Virtual Academy and Inspire Connections charters have accommodated thousands of new students during the coronavirus pandemic. Without at least $6 million, these schools will have to cut staff and cap enrollment, House Education Committee Chairman Lance Clow said.

“You’re going to send parents scrambling again,” he said.

Legislative roundup, 2.16.21: Senate passes advanced opportunities expansion, and a big tax bill surfaces

The Senate signed off on extending the state’s advanced opportunities program to private and parochial school students. Meanwhile, the first big tax relief bill of the year surfaced Tuesday.

Legislative roundup, 2.10.21: Lawmakers seek to scrap August school elections

In other Statehouse news, a rewritten guns-in-schools bill emerges, and a lawmaker wants to ban professors from offering students extra credit for voting.