It Is time to solve Idaho’s teacher shortage

As a mother myself, I know this is devastating to read. But there is hope, because so many Idahoans are working to tackle the problem.

ESPs are the bedrock of Idaho schools—please recognize their contributions

Underpaid and overworked. That’s the theme of being a classified staff member in public education.

The size of slices won’t make us less hungry, Sen. Thayn

So please, just order some more pizza for us.

Veterans Day assignment was a valuable lesson for our family

My 6-year-old had questions we didn’t expect: “What’s a war? Why can’t people get along?”

The Student Empowerment and Accountability Bill

I propose two funding mechanisms for schools, one for engaged students and one for disengaged students.

Calling out the Idaho Freedom Foundation

A vocal faction of IFF activists recently “affiliated” with an organization opposing the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Vaccine mandates should be banned

Idaho’s “good ole boys club” defends a corrosive environment where corporations can do whatever they like.

The Time Is Now: VOTE!

Your single vote could make a tremendous difference in the trajectory of your school district.  On Tuesday, November 2nd, let your voices be heard. 

‘It’s literally a race now:’ Idaho pushes to curb COVID-19 before winter sets in

Some coronavirus metrics have shown signs of improvement, and vaccines for elementary school students could be on their way. But health officials still fear another spike, as Idahoans spend more time indoors.

Outgoing trustee supports Anita Beckman for West Ada

When voting Nov. 2, I urge all Zone 3 residents to ask themselves, “What do students, families, teachers, and staff of Zone 3 deserve?”