We believe early childhood education is the answer

One of our nation’s (and Idaho’s) greatest challenges is addressing the chronically low levels of reading preparedness among our children. 

Ybarra, Critchfield, Durst to appear at ISBA forum

State superintendent Sherri Ybarra hasn’t announced her re-election plans, but she will make a joint appearance with her would-be opponents later this month.

A letter to the House Education Committee from an Idaho superintendent

As the leader of this school district, I can confirm with great conviction that the Basin School District’s preschool curriculum does not contain Critical Race Theory as alleged by Rep. Dorothy Moon.

Parents and influence in the classroom

Parents want better for our children, and our teachers, than an education system forcefully coerced by a narrow-minded activist group.

Here’s what’s on Idaho’s school choice menu

Many Idaho families have a range of options when it comes to choosing a school. Other families don’t, and several factors can impact where parents are able to send their kids.

Analysis: Of cannibalism and higher education budget bloodbaths

Gov. Brad Little has proposed a historic budget for Idaho’s four-year schools. But his proposal is just that: a proposal that will go before a skeptical Legislature.

Mentoring puts the heart, connection into higher education

The right encouragement or the right advice at the right time can make all the difference.

The importance of education

Nearly 70 percent of Idahoans, including more than 60 percent of Republicans, said the Legislature should pass full-day kindergarten.

Results from a recent poll conducted in Idaho commissioned by RISE

Idaho should focus on improving funding for public education and should ensure that all Idaho classrooms have access to the resources necessary for students to be successful. 

Freedom Foundation politicians are gunning for Idaho public schools

Idaho public schools have provided a free education to kids from every economic level, faith, race, creed, political outlook, whatever, since 1890.