The race to reading at grade level

Without the benefit of preschool, hundreds of Idaho children are starting far behind their peers in kindergarten.

This is how social justice works

People who are unafraid of learning about the need for civil rights and social justice don’t view rights gained for some as rights lost for others.

Early learning in Idaho: a short guide

Here’s a closer look at how Idaho stacks up nationally when it comes to early learning, and what it would take to offer more services.

Scott Yenor will lose his war on women because our nation needs their talent

The Boise State professor may survive behavior that would have landed him in the unemployment line if he were in the private sector.

Analysis: Boise State has a Scott Yenor problem, and it could prove costly

The political science professor calls colleges and universities “indoctrination camps.” And he has the attention of conservative lawmakers, who are likely to use his words as ammunition as they pursue another round of higher education budget cuts in 2022. 

The Idaho Freedom Foundation demonstrates its higher education model

A false indoctrination claim was made against Boise State, resulting in the University’s budget being slashed by $1.5 million.

Some ins and outs of charter school oversight in Idaho

Several factors can impact the academic and operational accountability for Idaho’s charter schools. Here’s a closer look.

Why protesting Yenor at BSU will not be enough

Beyond the video of Yenor at the National Conservatism Conference, read any of his books and you’ll be transported back to 1950’s era takes on gender.

Critchfield touts apparent fundraising edge

The former State Board of Education president says she has raised $150,000 for her campaign for state schools superintendent.

An Open Letter to Scott Yenor: We Aren’t Going Anywhere

Your words are insidious and dangerous, but there are enough educated, community-minded, and caring Idahoans who see through your misaligned tactics.