An incremental approach to measuring performance

By setting realistic expectations and targets and holding ourselves and our institutions accountable, we can improve performance and make an even bigger difference.

A letter from a parent to Superintendent Sherri Ybarra

Through the efforts of hundreds of Idaho families with the support of Decoding Dyslexia Idaho we are moving forward in the right direction without any support from our Idaho State Department of Education.

A new vision for the students and parents of Idaho

One of the biggest challenges and opportunities school districts will face in the coming years is meeting parent expectations.

Our kids are out of school … again

Holidays and snow days can eat into learning time for kids. Here’s what Idaho requires — and doesn’t require — in terms of seat time.

Bluum CEO Terry Ryan

ARTEC: Was it even a public charter school?

The ARTEC story seems to be a sad tale of neglect and abandonment. In the end, it was the taxpayers who were left holding the bag.

End federal intervention in our classrooms

This is the year for Idaho’s elected officials to to use the state’s budget surplus to end confiscatory taxes and free the state from Washington, D.C.’s bureaucracy.

The outcome of the $100,000 session: Not a single bill passed

The political malpractice put on display makes a convincing argument for not allowing the Legislature to call itself into special session.

We are the students and we want our voices heard!

Boise High’s student body president applied for a position on the school board. She was not a finalist, but her fight to be heard is not over.

Parents should choose how children are educated, not politicians

We need an educational model to meet the needs of different families. Idaho needs school choice! 

Covid-19 federal school funds – your local educators have a plan

Every Idaho school district and charter has developed plans for using their share of the grant monies and have posted them on their websites.