Online Idaho will make college available to everyone

The collaboration is between state agencies and all eight public higher education institutions formed to build a digital campus of fully online learning opportunities and support.

What happened to Idaho journalists on Thursday should never happen again

Dear media: The next time Lt. Gov. McGeachin calls a presser and says, “No questions,” please pack up and go home.

I know the answer, but I’ve been unwilling to admit it aloud: I need to get out.

I am being asked to do the impossible as a second-year special education teacher.

Idaho must move to an enrollment-based funding system

The time is right: we know that an attendance-based system does not work, and the pandemic has shown us that it needs to change for good.

Analysis: Another Little-McGeachin education showdown is on hold, but not permanently

On Thursday, Little’s State Board of Education delayed a vote on a higher education diversity, educational equity and inclusion policy. This still looms as a big showdown, reinforcing Little’s and McGeachin’s positions on opposite sides of the campus culture wars.

Project Z-Degree will make college more affordable

The money will be used to help community college faculty who choose to participate in the effort transition their courses to zero-cost or very low-cost instructional materials.

Is public education in a better position today than it was seven years ago?

For me, the answer to that question is no. This answer led me to run for office.

CSI students discuss their experiences at celebration event

Hear what six College of Southern Idaho students had to say about how their Hispanic heritage shapes their approach to education.

After an angry confrontation, Coeur d’Alene district sets mask issue aside

“The board does not want to see any disruption in the educational environment of our students,” board chair Jennifer Brumley said in an email to parents.

Idaho is in trouble unless we chart a different path

Idaho’s majority party is almost unrecognizable. It’s influenced by extreme-right organizations bullying their way into Idaho politics.