Time to stop living in alternate realities

At school,  I am a broken record, “Mask on,” I remind my students.  “Be sure to wash your hands.”  But then, they go home and into the world.  Football games, Family gatherings. Playdates and sleepovers, right? An alternate reality.

IBE’S 2021 legislative scorecard shows lawmakers’ votes on key education Issues

Of the 105 senators and representatives, 25 lawmakers voted 90 percent or more in support of the issues Idaho Business for Education identified.

Parents and a student share their back-to-school experiences

We launched a new feature where it’s easy for you to share with our readers what back to school has been like for you, your family or your colleagues.

Analysis: Some trustees and parents are making it tougher to track COVID-19 in schools

The easily spread COVID-19 delta variant can move within a community pretty much as it wishes. Intersecting and interconnected, the lines of infection move from schools or to schools.

The tie that binds Idahoans together

It is completely true that money alone doesn’t solve problems—people do.

Tips for teachers in the wake of the Delta variant

By doing these things, you can make a difference in your students’ academic and emotional progress this school year.

Episode 24: A challenging start for West Ada’s Derek Bub

Derek Bub took over as West Ada School District superintendent on July 1 — just in time for the latest and most severe surge of the coronavirus to wreak havoc on school reopening plans. This week on the Kevin Richert Podcast, Bub explains his decision to reinstate a mask mandate, the politics of pandemic protocols…

Analysis: State leaders sound tired, at the worst possible time

As Idaho hospitals face an unprecedented calamity, the consistent message to voluntarily get vaccinated and wear a mask is sounding weary — as if it is shouldering the weight of much of our collective COVID fatigue.

Early childhood programs yield a high return on investment

So why do we continue to struggle to provide these programs to all the primary age students in Idaho?

When we don’t care about teachers, we don’t care about students

When school employees feel undervalued and unsafe, particularly by their own leadership and communities, they will start to opt themselves out of this career.