Idaho’s superintendent must be a model for all of Idaho’s children

Mr. Branden Durst is a poor fit for the office. He apparently does not understand that all educators must always strive to be models of self-control.

The importance of family storybook reading

Of all the experiences said to contribute to early literacy, shared book reading between families and children is the most valuable.

Here’s how much Idaho spends on public education

Each year, the number edges ever upward into the billions. And each year, the Legislature devotes almost half of the state’s entire budget to K-12.

Analysis: How Season 2022 of the Legislature will end (spoiler alert)

A record-shattering surplus sets high expectations for education spending and tax relief. No one is going to walk away completely satisfied.

Is the call for adequate teacher pay in Idaho being heard?

Increased investments in teacher pay from the last half-decade have been undeniable. But have they been enough?

Student success requires teachers and parents 

As your State Superintendent of Public Instruction, I will bridge the gap between the dinner table and the classroom.

The perfect gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list

Being smart with money, saving and investing is an important lesson in our family.

What do our values look like?

I can say with confidence that the majority of us value safety, public education, and civility.

Enrollment or attendance? Splitting hairs over K-12 funding in Idaho

The pandemic has prompted temporary shifts in the way Idaho funds its schools. A permanent shift gets more complicated.

Eliminate federal support for public schools?

That over-simplified suggestion sells among the anti-government crowd, but is inherently myopic in terms of the consequences for the Idaho taxpayer and the state’s children.