We can learn from those doing it better

Poland embraced bold reforms to its education system in the 1990s that included creating more rigorous national standards, allowing the creation of private schools, crafting better systems for identifying struggling students and providing support for new teachers.

TVEP focuses on a shared community vision

The Treasure Valley Education Partnership is cultivating a unique partnership to minimize challenges and maximize opportunities for Idaho children to succeed beyond high school. It’s about advancing a world-class education system that leads all students to their career of choice.

Recommendations are just more of the same

The task force’s recommendations are not what we need, nor what Idaho schoolchildren deserve. The proposal to dump more money into Idaho schools does nothing to improve or reform the system.

Idaho’s 60 percent goal makes sense

But we shouldn’t get too hung up on the nature of the goal. It doesn’t mean the majority of Idahoans are expected to have a degree from a four-year university. The education task force that developed the recommendation included skill training and vocational certificates in the figure.

Rural and charter schools should be allies

These smaller populated and more isolated schools have reason to find common cause. The more they do, the more students in both are likely to benefit, and with them the larger community.

Your future depends on your education

We need to encourage young people to open as many doors as possible and a college education is one powerful way to do just that. The facts show every dollar spent on education returns many more.

Education department responds to anti-Core letter

State Superintendent Tom Luna and his staff attempt to clear up concerns voiced by Sen. Steven Thayn and Madison School District Superintendent Geoffrey Thomas about the roll out of Idaho Core Standards.

Celebrate and support our teachers

If they are to excel in their craft and be satisfied with their careers, even the most talented and gifted teachers require a good foundation and apprenticeship, a lifetime of challenging work environment, and ongoing education.

A letter to legislators from committee leaders

Chairs of the House and Senate Education Committees say now is not the time to go backwards. They are encouraging lawmakers to support the implementation of Idaho Core Standards because they are critical in making sure every child is prepared for success after high school.

Two Idaho leaders voice Common Core concerns

An Idaho state senator and an Eastern Idaho superintendent say Idaho’s new standards are untested. They say the Idaho Core Standards should be rejected, or districts should be allowed to opt out.