Kuna kids will be better off as a result of our work

We did it!  Thank you all so much for the time and energy you have invested in getting the levy passed.  Our community has such a big heart, and that was demonstrated over and over in the way people stepped up over the past two months to support the levy.  The children of Kuna will be better off as a result of our work.  As we’ve said over and over during the campaign, our schools do so much with so little.  We’re grateful we were able to provide the resources they need to stay on the excellent path we are on.

As we look back over the past couple of months, fellow organizer Amber Abercrombie put together a list of the incredible things we have been able to accomplish together.  This was truly a grassroots effort by concerned citizens.  As you look over this impressive list, take time to congratulate yourself on your part in this effort!

  • We successfully petitioned the school board to allow the levy to go back on the ballot, obtaining over 400 signatures in just a few short days
  • We hosted an educational Q&A open house at every school in the Kuna School District (eight total) where we handed out thousands of flyers on the levy, absentee ballots and basic voter info
  • We had all of that information translated into Spanish and distributed to our bilingual patrons
  • We organized four official lit drops and dozens of unofficial ones, where we distributed THOUSANDS of flyers door-to-door
  • We attended Easter egg hunts, choir concerts, prayer breakfasts, Chamber meetings, School Board meetings, tennis matches, charity car washes, band concerts, baseball/softball games, Mother/Student Breakfasts, farmer’s markets, community garden openings, school picnics — over 20 community and school events total, to pass out literature and get levy information to the public
  • We participated in two public debates
  • We went on the radio twice promoting our cause
  • We were featured on local news stations 3 times
  • We successfully spearheaded a “letter to the editor” campaign, resulting in more than 30 letters and features appearing in local newspapers
  • We attracted over 800 people to our Facebook page where we’ve posted hundreds of informational updates
  • We created almost 70 Vote YES yard signs
  • We pounded four humungous Vote YES banners into the ground around town
  • We mailed out over 16,000 mail pieces
  • We hosted 15 phone banks where thousands of calls were made to Kuna citizens

The election officials were expecting roughly 20 percent voter turnout for the primary election.  We were able to increase that to 42.8 percent in the Kuna area.  That kind of voter turnout for a primary election would not have happened without the tremendous effort by our campaign.  Our heartfelt thanks to each of you for the role you played in this important victory!



Lori Blattner

Lori Blattner is a parent and member of Friends of the Kuna School District, an organization that promoted passage of the Kuna levy.

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