For the sake of our public school students, voters should do their homework

Get the truth by asking candidates if they support public schools or support taxpayer-funded tuition for private and religious schools.

Concerns regarding the Idaho Republican Party’s censuring of elected officials

As we approach the upcoming Primary Election on May 21, we urge fellow party members to pay attention to the grassroots level of our political system.

The morality police won in this chapter, but that’s not the end of the book

Everyone who can should vote for reasonable, civil and pragmatic Republicans in the GOP primary election on May 21st.

Lawmakers Should Prioritize Protecting Taxpayers and Empowering Teachers

Future legislation should restore educators’ autonomy over decisions about who gets access to their personal contact information.

Expanding Education Choice is a Win-Win for Idaho Policymakers

With so much support for increasing access to alternative public education models, why not make private schools more accessible as well?

Let’s make a deal: Is it Launch vs. savings accounts?

Holding Launch hostage isn’t even good politics for privatization legislators.

Families stymied as Idaho committee shuts down ed choice debate

House Bill 447 would have allowed parents to take a tax credit to help offset the cost of educational expenses outside the public school system.

Investing in Idaho’s forestry workforce

Like many Idaho businesses, without a stable workforce, forestry’s tremendous impact on our state’s economy is at risk.

For Sunshine Week, consider creating an open government ombudsman

Strong open government laws are critical to a well-functioning republic and ensuring public accountability.