Truth in Taxation improves property tax transparency

Property taxes are an important part of the tax base for school districts, local governments, and many states.

Teach for America’s academy helps prepare teachers to be leaders

If we had more programs like this one, perhaps more teachers would remain in education for their entire careers, as leadership opportunities open before them.

ESAs, the Idaho Constitution and the U.S. Supreme Court

This year, some of my Republican colleagues took a novel (but failed) approach to addressing our predicament.

Boise School Board uses Student Advisory Committee as a scapegoat to ignore student concerns

Why is the Boise School Board so afraid of the students it allegedly serves? We urge you to contact the board at [email protected] and ask them yourself.

Bonner County voters show how to stand up for public education

Traditional Idahoans are slow to anger but, when they get their feathers ruffled, they are not reluctant to toss out political charlatans.

The Far-Right’s Loss is a Win for Kids

It is imperative that Idaho avoids future calamities like this one.

Bad news keeps coming for the extremist branch of the Republican Party

At the recent GOP convention in Challis, Governor Brad Little and 14 House Republicans received a “no confidence” vote for opposing legislation that would clog the courts with nuisance suits against local libraries.

“To be, or not to be: that is the question.” – Hamlet, Act III, Scene I

The opening line of Hamlet’s soliloquy is one of the most-quoted lines in English.

Fair warning to public school patrons across the Gem State

WBCSD has reportedly lost 33 employees in recent months because of the board’s actions.

New school year provides parents a golden opportunity to build future aspirations

With the start of a new school year, we have another chance to begin or renew the conversation with our children and students to dream about their future in Idaho’s workforce.