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The fix is in, and all Idaho students are the losers

This pattern of blind opposition based on ideology running contrary to the scientific consensus on climate and other human impact issues presents clear evidence of a cabal that will stop at nothing to advance their reactionary agenda.

Educating Idaho Students After Coronavirus

Idaho parents and grandparents like us have been heartbroken watching their children during coronavirus. We know it’s important to keep our students safe and healthy, and we appreciate how difficult it was for educators to revamp their instruction at the drop of a hat. Our teachers are doing the best they can with the limited…

Resources abound for Idaho parents to help students ‘learn forward’ this summer

Summer learning has never been more essential. Educators often talk about the “summer slide,” when student skills and learning abilities drop off from disuse. As a former third grade teacher, I know how important it is that children continue reading, inquiring and exploring during the months between academic years. The stakes have never been higher…