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Facility financing in Idaho: Public charter schools have some lessons to offer districts

Through a rigorous vetting process Building Hope approves schools that demonstrate both high-quality academics and financial stability.

Why Higher Education?

Higher education assists in helping people develop higher order thinking skills, thus, enabling the key ability of pondering complex and often contradictory ideas at the same time.

Examining Idaho spending on higher ed & student population trends

“Student support”- which is defined as tuition and fees – “has grown four times the rate of inflation from 1992 through 2021” according to the state JFAC.

Many of our students aren’t coming to school ready to learn

Research shows that children who start behind will stay behind and in many cases, continue to lose ground.

U of I’s Affiliation with the University of Phoenix is a good business decision

In private business, we strive daily to position ourselves for the future. The University of Idaho is now better positioned to deliver training and education to students throughout Idaho, no matter where they live.

What to do about rapidly changing climates In Idaho

How will you change your daily life to fight climate change?

How is climate change affecting the wildlife in Idaho?

Even though climate change is affecting the planet, we can save it by making changes right now.

“Have you no decency” applies to Brent Regan

When the good citizens of Coeur d’Alene finally decide to send Brent Regan and his acolytes packing, then, and only then, can they start rebuilding their town into the beautiful, welcoming, and loving community that once was the jewel of North Idaho.

This 2023 session has been an alarm bell tolling from the edge of our community

For the party that believes in local control, individual liberties, and personal responsibility — they sure have taken a lot away.

Boosting student support on Idaho’s college campuses

Students and their families are making financial sacrifices to attend Idaho public institutions.