IDeal’s May match offers a jumpstart to saving for college, training and apprenticeships

Idaho’s 529 accounts can also be used to pay for K-12 private and religious school tuition.

Conservatives should not fear ranked choice voting, extremists should

The disruptive wing of the GOP, which brought us Dorothy Moon, Janice McGeachin and Priscilla Giddings, will fight the initiative tooth and nail.

Why higher education matters

It correlates with better and higher paying employment.

‘Politician’ is not always a dirty word

Critchfield knows there will be disagreements here and there. She welcomes one-on-one visits with legislators to discuss those differences.

A bright silver lining shines through an ugly cloud of misinformation  

HB 71 will be challenged in court and likely be declared unconstitutional.

States should follow Idaho’s lead on public school choice

If reducing discrimination and improving student outcomes aren’t enough to convince state policymakers to implement public school choice, better electoral results should.

Post-legislative tour is about connecting with school leaders

This is an annual State Department of Education practice and its timing is deliberate.

The Charter Commission: authorize, advocate and regulate

Some history might help understand the various roles.

The real obscenity isn’t library porn, it’s propaganda

Laws should be based on fact – not hearsay, rumor, conjecture, anecdote, or innuendo.

Teacher mentoring is highly effective, and deserves more support

Many districts, especially those in rural areas that are strapped for resources, do not offer mentoring on any consistent or regular basis.