We want our Voices section to be a place where people can debate issues vigorously, disagree vigorously and remain respectful.

To submit a piece for Voices, email it to this address. Microsoft Word documents are preferred. We also ask that you submit two to three sentences describing your background as well as a head-and-shoulders photograph.

Our submission guidelines:

In general, posts should be no more than 700 words, though we will make exceptions on occasion.

  1. We are most interested in posts in which you describe or rely upon your personal experiences or observations about education issues, such as while parenting, researching or teaching, and take a stand on the issue. We appreciate posts that contribute to the informed discussion of education reform topics. When relevant, link to research or articles you’ve consulted.
  2. We are not interested in posts containing personal attacks or in posts in which the main objective is the promotion of yourself, a product or a program.
  3. Voices submissions may be edited for grammar, punctuation, clarity and space. If you want to write your own headline, keep it short and we will consider using it.
  4. You will be notified if we choose to run your submission. If substantial changes are required, the piece will be sent back to you for revisions.

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