Ask one question: Will this help kids?

A trustee, mother and grandmother from North Idaho shares her perspective. She wants the finger-pointing to stop, and wants collaboration to start.

Celebrate Employee Freedom Week

NEFW (June 23-29) highlights how unionized teachers and other employees often don’t know that they have the legal right to opt-out of union membership. Empower educators to select an association that best matches their budget and beliefs.

Use grade levels to understand NAEP

Misreporting student achievement data is not going to help anyone make informed decisions about K-12 education in Idaho.

Summertime’s educational challenges

Children without access to learning opportunities can lose up to three months of reading comprehension skills they built during the school year.

Core standards are right for Idaho students

The presidents of Idaho’s public, four-year institution of higher education signed this letter in support of Idaho Core Standards.

GOP leaders have abandoned the ship

Vote out Republican leaders who are not investing in education, says Idaho Democratic party chairman.

Proposition put creativity in the mix

It is unfortunate that government stands in the way of a free-market solution by a private citizen that could help the Nampa School District climb out of a financial hole.

Online learning leads to app development

Weiser High student takes a class via the Idaho Education Network that helps his wrestling team and would not be available in most rural districts.

A parent reflects on the value of college

Parents must take the lead in creating a culture where higher education is valued – and expected.

Standards can benefit students, teachers

The Idaho Education Association supports the implementation of the Idaho Core Standards (commonly known as Common Core) as long as a proper support system is in place.