Teach reading as early as possible

Early years are the most important for establishing a foundation that will sustain long-term learning gains. Three quarters of students who are poor readers in third grade remain poor readers in high school.

Idaho should reconsider Common Core

Common Core doesn’t get us where we need to be. Homogenization and standardization of education is not the answer.

Trust the experts and talk to teachers

Bipartisan support for improving schools with Common Core State Standards hasn’t come without criticism, and the naysayers are growing. Ask Idaho educators what they think.

We solve things by working together

Life-long educator says there is no hidden mystery to improving education. We already know what will improve schools; it’s simply a matter of doing it.

Require fair union election procedures

Teachers should encourage and school boards should require elections that will result in a valid proof of majority representation before a union receives the privilege of bargaining for all teachers, both union and nonunion.

A Colorado champion for Common Core

A high school teacher in Colorado, a state like Idaho that is adopting Common Core standards, argues that teachers shouldn’t miss the historic opportunity to transform teaching and learning through the Common Core.

IEA reflects on 2013 legislative session

Almost nothing has been done to address how children learn and what systemic changes we can make to improve outcomes for all kids.

Support non-union teachers

The Northwest Professional Educators believes that positive change will only occur when all educators are heard and respected.

Time for public to have a say on reform

These public meetings are your chance to tell the people who will help shape the future of the state’s schools what we should do.

Early childhood: An investment in the future

Research supports the significant and lasting benefits of providing educational experiences to children before first grade.