Online charter outsourced student essays

IDVA may have violated the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which protects student work and private information.

Construction workers wanted, education required

The construction industry needs an education system that delivers young men and women with a high school education that has prepared them for success in life.

New book doesn’t tell the true story

Education historian Diane Ravitch’s sweeping generalizations don’t hold up when it comes to charter schools.

Foster a climate that honors teacher choice

An award winning teacher says it is critical that more teachers learn about the nonunion teacher movement. To create and implement meaningful and commonsense education reform, the voices of independent Idaho educators must be heard.

12 things about Idaho charter schools

Learn more about Idaho charter schools from answers written by Terry Ryan, president of the Idaho Charter School Network.

Back to school message from Duncan

The U.S. Secretary of Education talks about his travels around the country and the challenges educators are facing this year.

Magic will not fix Idaho’s economy

The key difference between the governor’s fantasy world and the real world the rest of us inhabit: Magic.
The governor will need powerful magic if he is to convince us that his recent embrace of education is a genuine priority.

Task force did its work — what’s next?

The Legislature has to hear from us in the coming weeks and months. We will be asking our supporters to call and e-mail legislators urging them to support these task force recommendations.

School fees are unfair, unconstitutional

For Idaho public education to demand fees to register for school or to participate in extra activities is yet another shackle that restrains the ability of Idaho’s poor to receive a quality education.

Thoughts on the first day of school

Teaching is that magic point when curriculum and experience meet someone eager to learn.