Help boards be fiscally responsible

New legislation is necessary for trustees to fulfill their fiscal responsibilities and ensure the solvency of their school districts.

Capitol Notes from the ISBA, Feb. 4

The Idaho School Boards Association clears up “misinformation” and outlines the differing objections/solutions to legislation between the ISBA and the Idaho Education Association.

Include early education in the debate

The Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children supports the inclusion of early education as a necessary piece in Idaho’s education debate.

A Q&A with a national reform expert

Joe Williams, the executive director of Democrats for Education Reform, shares his ideas for improving education. Williams will be in Boise on Tuesday for the ED Session 2.0 hot lunch series. His children attend public schools in New York.

Hold parents more accountable

A 30-year teacher and coach from North Idaho wants laws created that hold parents or guardians legally responsible and accountable for the behavior of their child.

Education budget is ‘depressing’

Sen. Dan Schmidt, a Democrat from North Idaho, says the details of the proposed education budget are unimaginative and depressing. Sen. Schmidt sits on the budget committee.

Cursive will not fix what ails education

Wayne Hoffman, the executive director of the Freedom Foundation, says that lawmakers should promote school choice and stop the discussion about making cursive, or computers, mandatory. The only thing that should be mandatory is the need for policymakers to rethink how education is delivered.

Capitol Notes from the ISBA, Jan. 28

Each Monday during the legislative session, the Idaho School Boards Association’s executive director writes a synopsis of the weekly legislative happenings in education and how it relates to the interests of the ISBA.

ISBA leaders support this legislation

Officers and regional representatives of the Idaho School Boards Association have agreed to support several pieces of legislation this session that they say will enhance their ability to be good stewards of scarce taxpayer’s dollars.

Support lags for Boise State students

Boise State president Bob Kustra points out that because Boise State leads the state in enrollment increases during recent years, students do not have the same level of financial support that students at other Idaho schools do.