Parents are the state’s education heroes

Without support of parents — as classroom volunteers, legislative advocates, activity boosters, and levy voters — public schools would collapse.

Learning is not confined to the classroom

In 2011, only 56 percent of Idaho kindergartners were at grade level upon entering kindergarten. These gaps prevent children from reaching their full potential.

Standards bring exciting challenges

Idaho Core represents a profound change in educational philosophy. The standards will challenge educators to teach strategies for research, inquiry and literacy. Implementation will take time and may not always go smoothly.

What’s next? Yogurt a federal mandate?

The only politicians who ought to be involved in deciding school lunch menus are the ones elected to serve on local school boards.

Idaho can learn from New York school

Idaho Leads co-directors Lisa Kinnaman and Roger Quarles personally observed deeply committed school leaders and teachers use the most innovative education practices they’ve ever seen that have resulted in extreme growth in student achievement.

The silent truths of Common Core

Under the new standards, Idaho will no longer have direct control over education in our state, nor will the districts, the schools, the teachers or the parents.

Empower students and improve education

Education is ripe for change, but for that to happen we need to get fired up. We need tables turned over.

Idaho will lose control with standards

Common Core isn’t about education. It’s about giving up school curriculum and testing rights to the federal government and to anonymous private entities, and it was about control from some education reform groups who admit the goal is to create a national market place for educational products and services.

Crapo: An ‘alarming’ shift in Common Core

The Obama administration’s steps to push Common Core standards “are alarming and may present a dangerous path toward a federal takeover of state standards,” Sen. Mike Crapo writes in a guest opinion.

TFA techniques are not best practices

Conflicts of interest abound when education corporations like Teach For America get involved in the “business” of education.”