Student reflects on debate experience

Jake Thornberry is one of 80 students at Compass Academy in Idaho Falls who planned and conducted a state superintendent debate between eventual winner Sherri Ybarra and Jana Jones. He shares three life lessons he learned during this political experience.

Kids are overtested at the expense of teaching and learning

Today’s crisis in Idaho education has been caused by an amalgamation of high stakes testing, accountability, markets and privatization tied to the Common Core. Educators often feel compelled to put test preparation ahead of richer forms of teaching.

Idaho citizens are watching crony capitalism in action

The children of Idaho will be the losers if recent history is any indication. A deal is probably quickly being written to clear the governor’s friends and donors from paying back their illegal gain as happened in the Idaho prison scandal.

Tiered licensure puts Rube Goldberg to shame

This sophisticated system of linking professional certification to compensation will most likely generate an education system devoid of innovation. Idaho should allow the marketplace of education ideas to grow and flourish.

Now is not the time to go backwards when it comes to technology

Education Networks of America found a way to deliver internet access so Idaho students could take advantage of modern classrooms. I’m grateful the Legislature found a way to keep the IEN going in the wake of this temporary holdup.

Tiered licensure plan will build fear and distrust

Expect to see teachers playing it safe in the classroom in an attempt to please an administrator instead of taking risks to experiment with innovative ideas and methods of teaching.

Candidiates vow to revamp tiered-licensure proposal

If elected, Democrats say they will appoint a new committee that will have a much better representation of working teachers than the governor’s current tiered-licensure subcommittee.

Jana Jones has what it takes

I have known and worked with Jones for over 20 years on education, research, and public policy projects and I know her abilities.

Hold Risch accountable for reckless cuts to education

We need to elect a senator who values people over dollars.

Support Otter for an optimistic education future

A.J. Balukoff makes the liberal mistake of believing that the only measure in education that matters is how much money you spend and ignores the most important factor: how you spend the money you have.