Early childhood: An investment in the future

Research supports the significant and lasting benefits of providing educational experiences to children before first grade.

A dysfunctional session for education

Real reform requires focusing on the needs and roles of parents and students.

Trustees volunteer because they care

Help volunteer school board members and hard-working professionals forge a path forward so all Idaho students have access to a great education.

Gov. Otter should share polling data

Lawmakers should share data results or not use that data to justify their decisions.

Three bills deserve the recycling bin

Call your lawmakers and tell them to reject bills that would magnify the financial crisis already facing the state’s public schools.

Cities concerned about tax repeal

Idaho Democratic lawmakers heard concerns about changing property tax laws after reaching out to city leaders across the state.

Capitol Notes from the ISBA, March 11

Get caught on the Idaho School Boards Association’s take on legislation making its way through the Statehouse this week.

ISBA Capitol Notes, March 18

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Capitol notes from the ISBA, March 3

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Capitol notes from the ISBA, Feb. 25

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