Paulette Jordan

Big number from the gubernatorial money race: $6.6 million

Meanwhile, the four candidates for state superintendent put a meager $45,392 into their statewide race in the latest filing period.

UPDATED: Gubernatorial candidates rip tuition and fee increases

GOP Lt. Gov. Brad Little said he opposes the 3.5 to 5 percent fee increases, approved last week. Democratic candidates A.J. Balukoff and Paulette Jordan also voiced concerns about college affordability.

Paulette Jordan, candidate for governor

Paulette Jordan says rural schools are scraping by one supplemental levy at a time. She favors a more aggressive approach to teacher pay raises, and universal pre-K.

Democratic candidates split on marijuana legalization

Former state Rep. Paulette Jordan says legalization could bring in tax revenues for schools; Boise school trustee A.J. Balukoff said he is “pretty much opposed” to legalization.

Jordan resigns from Legislature to focus on governor’s race

Paulette Jordan had been splitting her time between campaigning and serving in the House. In other news, a former House Democratic leader is backing Boise school trustee A.J. Balukoff’s gubernatorial campaign.

GOP candidates raise $1.6 million in bid to succeed Otter

The three major candidates — Tommy Ahlquist, Raul Labrador and Brad Little — are fundraising aggressively in the runup to the May 15 Republican primary. It’s early, but fundraising in the Democratic primary is off to a slow start.

Paulette Jordan joins race for governor

State Rep. Paulette Jordan, D-Plummer, joined the gubernatorial race Thursday. She figures to face longtime Boise school trustee A.J. Balukoff in the May 15 Democratic primary.