Paulette Jordan

Paulette Jordan will run for U.S. Senate

The Plummer Democrat and 2018 gubernatorial nominee joins three other Democrats seeking to take on 12-year Sen. Jim Risch.

Little wins Idaho’s governor race

In other news, the College of Western Idaho’s levy failed as did bond measures in Middleton.

The governor’s race: what you need to know

On Tuesday, Idaho voters will elect their first new governor in a dozen years. What’s at stake for education? Here’s a study guide.

Rankings, rankings, rankings: Fact-checking Monday’s gubernatorial debate

Here’s what Brad Little and Paulette Jordan had to say about education. And here’s what the numbers really say.

Wilson builds on fundraising edge over Ybarra

Democrat Cindy Wilson heads into the final four weeks of the state superintendent’s race with nearly a 4-to-1 fundraising advantage over GOP incumbent Sherri Ybarra.

Candidates disagree — cordially — on education and priorities

During a forum Tuesday night, Republican Brad Little praised the state’s five-year commitment to boost K-12 spending. Democrat Paulette Jordan said the state is mortgaging the future of its children.

Analysis: Unwrapping a Jordan sentence about NDAs and four-day schools

“Are employee non-disclosure statements as important to learn about as my plans to fund Idaho’s schools so that every child in every community is in the classroom five days a week?” gubernatorial candidate Paulette Jordan said this week. Let’s break this down.

Statesman: Jordan campaign tumult centers on creation of tribal super PAC

In a resignation letter, obtained by the Statesman’s Cynthia Sewell, Paulette Jordan’s former campaign manager criticizes the campaign’s “detestable” emphasis on growing a federal super PAC.

Jordan campaign undergoes major shakeup

For the second time in four months, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate’s campaign team is in flux.

Spending in governor’s primaries topped $11.4 million

The nominees begin the race to the Nov. 6 election with depleted bank accounts — and Democratic nominee Paulette Jordan holding an edge over Republican Brad Little.