Debbie Critchfield's first 100 days in office

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100 days in office: Critchfield opens up about the legislative session — and what comes next

By Sadie Dittenber | 04/14/2023

“I’m so happy to get to go to work every day,” said Idaho’s new schools chief. “I’m still so encouraged about education in Idaho — I’m just really excited about it.”

Day 99: Nampa

By Sadie Dittenber | 04/13/2023

Thursday marked the final roadshow event this week.

Day 98: Pocatello

By Sadie Dittenber | 04/12/2023

She carved out time to interview with one of our own — EdNews reporter Carly Flandro.

Day 97: Tour kickoff

By Sadie Dittenber | 04/12/2023

She also met with the Fort Hall Business Council.

Day 96: To Idaho Falls

By Sadie Dittenber | 04/10/2023

Tomorrow marks day one of the superintendent’s post-legislative roadshow.

Day 93: A day off

By Sadie Dittenber | 04/07/2023

She’ll be back at it on Monday.

Day 92: A graduation

By Sadie Dittenber | 04/06/2023

She’ll take tomorrow off to spend time with her family.

Day 91: Rexburg-bound

By Sadie Dittenber | 04/05/2023

She’ll celebrate three family members at their college graduation this week.

Day 90: A thank you

By Sadie Dittenber | 04/04/2023

Critchfield spent time Tuesday sharing information about an upcoming conference on youth mental health and suicide prevention.

Day 89: Monday meetings

By Sadie Dittenber | 04/03/2023

The superintendent met with staff from the Attorney General’s office Monday.

Day 86: Her third and final bill

By Sadie Dittenber | 03/31/2023

Critchfield described the legislation as a “gamechanger.”

Day 85: Podcasting

By Sadie Dittenber | 03/30/2023

She discussed her financial literacy legislation with representatives from the Idaho Department of Finance.

Day 84: Outreach activities

By Sadie Dittenber | 03/29/2023

The state superintendent talked with an educator about literacy instruction.

Day 83: Panel preparation

By Sadie Dittenber | 03/28/2023

And she met with the delegation from the Taiwan-Idaho Education Cooperation.

Day 82: Looking past the legislative session

By Carly Flandro | 03/27/2023

With the Legislature nearing sine die, Critchfield is planning what comes next.

Day 79: A Friday at home

By Idaho EdNews Staff | 03/24/2023

And watching her $50 million CTE bill pass through the Senate.

Day 78: Celebrating another new law

By Carly Flandro | 03/23/2023

The financial literacy bill, which Critchfield has long touted, was signed into law.

Day 77: Watching her bill become law

By Carly Flandro | 03/22/2023

Gov. Little signed her parental rights bill today.

Day 76: Final day in D.C.

By Sadie Dittenber | 03/21/2023

But Boise was still on her mind.

Day 75: A national conference

By Sadie Dittenber | 03/20/2023

While in Washington, D.C., the superintendent met up with a group of high school students from Oakley.

Day 72: Capital for a Day

By Sadie Dittenber | 03/17/2023

State superintendent Debbie Critchfield headed to Gooding Friday, for Gov. Brad Little’s Capital for a Day event. She later drove back to Boise to prepare for the Council of Chief State School Officers conference in Washington D.C. She and her executive officers will depart for the conference early Saturday morning.

Day 71: A sick day — but still working

By Carly Flandro | 03/16/2023

The day of rest comes before statewide and national travel.

Day 70: Career advising

By Sadie Dittenber | 03/15/2023

And her career technical education plan passed another legislative checkpoint.

Day 69: She scored some wins

By Carly Flandro | 03/14/2023

Critchfield lauded plans for increased teacher and classified staff pay.

Day 68: Talking behavioral health

By Sadie Dittenber | 03/13/2023

Student mental health is a top concern across the state.

Day 66: Student fundraisers

By Sadie Dittenber | 03/11/2023

State superintendent Debbie Critchfield spent her Saturday in Malta at a three-on-three basketball tournament — a fundraiser for Raft River High School’s class of 2025. Critchfield’s family members played in the tournament. Saturday night, she’ll go to a dinner and auction at Oakley High School, a fundraiser for the Oakley High Rodeo Team.

Day 65: A roaring morning

By Sadie Dittenber | 03/10/2023

She concluded her week with a drive to Oakley.

Day 64: Monitoring legislation

By Sadie Dittenber | 03/09/2023

She’ll begin hosting monthly one-on-one meetings with her executive staff.

Day 63: Steps for schools

By Sadie Dittenber | 03/08/2023

Her CTE bill passed easily.

Day 62: Legislative prep, while sick

By Sadie Dittenber | 03/07/2023

Critchfield spent a second day at home sick.

Day 61: Sick day

By Sadie Dittenber | 03/07/2023

She spent her 61st day at home.

Day 58: Laws and basketball

By Sadie Dittenber | 03/03/2023

She spent another morning at the Statehouse.

Day 57: Another day at the Statehouse

By Sadie Dittenber | 03/02/2023

Critchfield’s parental rights legislation passed unanimously out of committee.

Day 56: Idaho Loggers and Haulers

By Sadie Dittenber | 03/01/2023

Plus, more legislative meetings.

Day 55: Empowering Parents

By Sadie Dittenber | 02/28/2023

The state superintendent is looking forward to working with parents.

Day 54: Parental rights

By Sadie Dittenber | 02/27/2023

The superintendent closed out a busy Monday with a meeting with her transportation team.

Day 52: Lincoln Day

By Sadie Dittenber | 02/25/2023

The state superintendent’s work week doesn’t always stop on Friday.

Day 51: Working from home

By Sadie Dittenber | 02/24/2023

She met with private school students, and career technical education stakeholders.

Day 50: Halfway there

By Carly Flandro | 02/23/2023

Supporting the financial literacy bill and meeting with legislators.

Day 49: Parental rights bill

By Carly Flandro | 02/22/2023

And responding to hoax calls that disrupted schools across the state.

Day 48: Three meetings before lunch

By Jennifer Swindell | 02/21/2023

And the day was far from over.

Day 47: Connecting with youth

By Sadie Dittenber | 02/20/2023

She attended a 4-H conference, and met with a senior from Garden Valley High School.

Day 44: Three new directors

By Sadie Dittenber | 02/17/2023

And the superintendent headed to the Statehouse Friday to support a bill on parental rights.

Day 43: CTE seminar

By Sadie Dittenber | 02/16/2023

And the state superintendent met with two legislators to discuss K-12 funding.

Day 42: State Board meeting

By Carly Flandro | 02/15/2023

Behavioral and emotional issues are “the pandemic of our time,” Critchfield said.

Day 41: Valentine’s Day board meetings

By Jennifer Swindell | 02/14/2023

Idaho’s superintendent wears many hats.

Day 40: The science of reading

By Sadie Dittenber | 02/13/2023

The superintendent paid a visit to the Statehouse Monday morning to support her financial literacy bill.

Day 39: Meeting with the Tribal Council

By Sadie Dittenber | 02/10/2023

She also attended a District 1 education summit.

Day 38: North Idaho

By Sadie Dittenber | 02/09/2023

Critchfield toured a CTE campus and a STEM school.

Day 37: Pie Day

By Sadie Dittenber | 02/08/2023

The superintendent departs this evening for North Idaho.

Day 36: A day for superintendents

By Sadie Dittenber | 02/07/2023

And she reviewed her itinerary for an upcoming outreach trip to North Idaho.

Day 35: Watching legislation

By Sadie Dittenber | 02/06/2023

The bill involves one of the main tenets of Critchfield’s campaign — financial literacy.

Day 32: Heads up, North Idaho

By Sadie Dittenber | 02/03/2023

She has continued to work from the road home to Oakley.

Day 31: Steps for Schools

By Sadie Dittenber | 02/02/2023

Critchfield also held a meeting to plan her student advisory committee, a team of select high schoolers who learn about the governments and advise the superintendent.

Day 30: Three cheers for CTE

By Sadie Dittenber | 02/01/2023

She’ll celebrate STEM Matters Month tonight with the Idaho STEM Action Center.

Day 29: Testifying in committee

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/31/2023

Tomorrow, she’ll present her CTE priorities to lawmakers.

Day 28: Speaking to student-athletes

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/30/2023

She also prepared for her Wednesday appearance before the House and Senate education committees.

Day 25: Charter school tour

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/27/2023

She spent her morning in Nampa, before heading back to Boise.

Day 24: Look for her on TV

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/26/2023

Critchfield’s KTVB interview will air Sunday morning.

Day 23: The long-awaited budget hearing

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/25/2023

The new state superintendent had the starring role in the three-hour meeting.

Day 22: School choice rally

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/24/2023

She’ll finish up day with two receptions and the Idaho Potato Commission’s legislative dinner.

Day 21: Education Week begins

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/23/2023

“When you get 70% of the vote, your priorities are my priorities,” State Board of Education president Kurt Liebich said of Critchfield in Monday morning’s JFAC hearing.

Day 18: Heading home

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/20/2023

She also met with Gov. Brad Little.

Day 17: Lunch with her husband

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/19/2023

They recently bought a second home in Boise.

Day 16: Education committee leaders

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/18/2023

The superintendent will continue to meet with Yamamoto and Lent every week until the end of the session, according to Critchfield’s team.

Day 15: The secretary of state

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/17/2023

She also attended an evening reception.

Day 14: IEA lobby day

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/16/2023

Critchfield took the opportunity to talk with teachers, parents and lawmakers.

Day 11: Preparing for her budget presentation

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/13/2023

Critchfield will present to the House and Senate education committees Monday.

Day 10: Meeting with lawmakers

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/12/2023

The superintendent attended a town hall meeting about school choice.

Day 9: Meetings and a retirement party

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/11/2023

Critchfield enjoyed time with regional superintendents.

Day 8: House Education Committee’s first meeting

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/10/2023

Tuesday’s meeting was organizational.

Day 7: State of the State

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/09/2023

“Once again, I see that Governor Little is demonstrating his commitment to education,” Critchfield said, following the governor’s annual speech.

Day 4: The induction ceremony

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/06/2023

The State Department of Education also released the salaries of Critchfield’s first hires Friday.

Day 3: A trip to a teen crisis center

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/05/2023

She’ll be back in Boise Friday for her formal swearing in on the Statehouse steps.

Day 2: Meeting employees

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/04/2023

“It feels like an avalanche,” Debbie Critchfield said of the transition. “But it also is really exhilarating.”

Day 1: Debbie gets sworn in

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/03/2023

And so it begins — a new era in Idaho education.