Debbie Critchfield's first 100 days in office

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Day 25: Charter school tour

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/27/2023

She spent her morning in Nampa, before heading back to Boise.

Day 24: Look for her on TV

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/26/2023

Critchfield’s KTVB interview will air Sunday morning.

Day 23: The long-awaited budget hearing

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/25/2023

The new state superintendent had the starring role in the three-hour meeting.

Day 22: School choice rally

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/24/2023

She’ll finish up day with two receptions and the Idaho Potato Commission’s legislative dinner.

Day 21: Education Week begins

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/23/2023

“When you get 70% of the vote, your priorities are my priorities,” State Board of Education president Kurt Liebich said of Critchfield in Monday morning’s JFAC hearing.

Day 18: Heading home

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/20/2023

She also met with Gov. Brad Little.

Day 17: Lunch with her husband

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/19/2023

They recently bought a second home in Boise.

Day 16: Education committee leaders

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/18/2023

The superintendent will continue to meet with Yamamoto and Lent every week until the end of the session, according to Critchfield’s team.

Day 15: The secretary of state

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/17/2023

She also attended an evening reception.

Day 14: IEA lobby day

By Sadie Dittenber | 01/16/2023

Critchfield took the opportunity to talk with teachers, parents and lawmakers.