North Idaho College leaders urged trustees to reinstate Swayne

Returning Nick Swayne to the president’s job was one of several steps NIC should take to save its accreditation, college co-CEOs Lloyd Duman and Sarah Garcia said on Dec. 19. Trustees hired an interim president two days later.

Suspect arrested in connection with U of I slayings

Friday’s arrest comes 47 days after four students were found dead in an off-campus house — in a brutal crime that has drawn international media attention and shaken the close-knit University of Idaho campus community.

UPDATED: State Board pledges to stand behind NIC’s students

“Regardless of what happens through this process, the credits you’ve earned, whether you are alumni or you just finished your exams for the last semester, those credits are good, and they will be recognized throughout the state of Idaho,” State Board of Education President Kurt Liebich said Wednesday.

The latest at NIC: A lawsuit, a warning letter, a series of no-confidence votes

It’s been a newsy few days at embattled North Idaho College — and none of the news is good.

‘(We) hope you will join us in person:’ U of I tweaks plans for spring semester

Nearly a month after four students were slain in an off-campus house, the University of Idaho said it will offer on-campus spring instruction in January, as originally planned. However, online options could also be expanded.

NIC places president on administrative leave

The moves came three days after a contentious trustees’ meeting — when Swayne balked at a hastily presented proposal to hire a new attorney, and trustees derailed Swayne’s plans to fill an administrative position.

Analysis: Familiar political turmoil clouds NIC’s ‘new dawn’

North Idaho College is facing an existential threat, as students continue to turn away. Enrollment fell below 4,300 this semester, after another 6% decrease. NIC hopes to grow enrollment to 5,000 next year; it’s been three years since the college hit this mark.

U of I to examine academic options following quadruple homicide

“We will do our best to meet the needs of all students,” said U of I President C. Scott Green Sunday evening. INSIDE: New details on the crime.

‘We cannot say there is no threat to the community:’ Police break silence on U of I slayings

Urging the public to remain vigilant, Moscow police chief James Fry said. “There’s still an individual out there who committed four horrible, horrible crimes.”

Police: ‘We have shared every piece of information that we can’ about student homicides

Police again said the University of Idaho students’ deaths appear to be a targeted attack — an assertion they have made repeatedly, but have never explained.