West Bonner wants error corrected before submitting Durst’s application

The state and district don’t agree on how to interpret an Idaho code that governs the superintendent certificate process.

West Bonner recall organizers say trustees have a ‘hidden agenda’

If Brown or Rutledge are recalled, the board can declare a vacancy at a regular or special meeting. The board has 90 days to appoint someone from the zone where the vacancy occurred.

West Bonner slow rolling Durst’s emergency certificate

The district’s leader told EdNews last month he’ll begin the position with a provisional certificate — which is still an unfulfilled promise.

Parents and students rally support for West Bonner teachers 

“Every teacher I have ever had has told, taught, or showed me something that I have carried outside of school whether it be educational and life lessons,” a former student said.

Lack of details spark doubt at West Bonner budget meeting

The difference between the first summary budget on June 22 and the second on July 7 is a salary reduction of $276,763.

Coeur d’Alene Press wins records lawsuit against NIC

On Wednesday, District Judge John T. Mitchell ordered NIC to turn over several employee contracts to the newspaper, and release unredacted invoices from college legal counsel.

U of I puts demolition of murder scene on hold

An off-campus house — the scene of a brutal attack that left four University of Idaho students dead — will remain standing until October.

West Bonner trustees say recall election is an ideological, partisan fight

“Since being elected I have dedicated hundreds of hours to holding our district administration accountable to its residents and keeping woke liberal agendas out of our district,” Susan Brown said.

West Bonner board chair fires back during town hall meeting

“We weren’t elected for a popularity contest. We’re elected to fix things,” Keith Rutledge said.

NIC remains accredited — for now

In what NIC is calling a “neutral decision,” a regional panel is keeping the embattled Coeur d’Alene-based community college’s accreditation intact, for up to 12 months.