Lawyering limbo: NIC attorney steps aside, and search begins for a replacement

Art Macomber abruptly withdrew as NIC’s legal counsel Wednesday, after trustees rescinded a vote to replace him, KHQ TV in Spokane, Wash., reported Wednesday.

Analysis: A high-stakes, high-risk deal that will make or break a legacy

The University of Idaho stands to gain or lose millions from the proposed University of Phoenix purchase. For better or worse, President C. Scott Green’s tenure at his alma mater will be measured against this balance sheet.

Report: NIC’s serious problems linger, despite some progress

The 26-page report doesn’t tip the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities on an accreditation decision that could have a dramatic impact on the 90-year-old community college and its 4,000 students.

State Board greenlights U of I’s $550 million University of Phoenix purchase

U of I officials say the acquisition promises the university an immediate $10 million cash infusion. Meanwhile, the U of I would guarantee up to $10 million a year to backstop bond payments on the purchase.

The U of I says the deal could bring in $10 million in initial “supplemental education funding” f

Grand jury indicts Kohberger

The suspect in the murders of four University of Idaho students now faces a Monday arraignment, the Idaho Statesman reported Wednesday.

Former NIC instructor charged with battery involving trustee

A man entered Trustee Todd Banducci’s work office Tuesday, made a verbal threat, and then “threw a large bucket of liquid” over Banducci, his desk, his computer and other office equipment,” North Idaho College said in a news release.

Dozens of last-minute supplemental levy comments dominate trustees’ agenda

The board adopted policy 3018 that requires students to use the restroom, changing facilities, and overnight sleeping quarters designated by biological sex.

‘Do what is right:’ NIC trustee appeals to State Board

“The current majority on the NIC board, if left unchecked, will undoubtedly cause the loss of accreditation,” Tarie Zimmerman wrote in an appeal to the State Board of Education. The State Board has not responded.

Judge stands behind her ruling to reinstate NIC president

The trustees’ ongoing power struggle over President Nick Swayne’s contract is at the heart of an accreditation fight at North Idaho College.

In depth: The U of I comes to the close of a tragic, turbulent school year

On Nov. 13, the brutal murders of four University of Idaho students became a semester’s narrative, a community’s tragedy and a university’s crisis. Six months later, the healing continues.