State drops case against Dietrich teacher

Months after the case of Tim McDaniel drew national and international media attention, the case is now closed.

In March, four parents had filed complaints against the veteran science teacher in rural Dietrich High School; one complaint focused on McDaniel’s use of the word “vagina” in a sex education class.

The state’s Professional Standards Commission “determined that there were not sufficient grounds upon which to pursue discipline,” Education Department spokeswoman Melissa McGrath told the Times-News in Twin Falls Thursday.

Nonetheless, McDaniel told The Times-News that he won’t teach about the human reproductive system in biology class this year.  “It’s sad because the kids need it, but I don’t need the headaches,” he said.

Here’s a link to a previous blog post on the flap.

  • Travis Manning

    The Professional Standards Commission resolved this situaton appropriately. Mr. Dietrich was doing the Health teacher a favor by teaching sex ed in his Science class. The Health teacher should have been teaching sex ed all along, and Mr. Dietrich’s principal/superintendent should have had a handle on this situation from the get go. Mr. Dietrich did absolutely nothing wrong.