State Department of Education

Analysis: The politics of the pratfall

Will Sherri Ybarra’s misstatements affect the outcome of the Nov. 4 election — or will the GOP superintendent’s candidate win anyway?

The Ybarra catchphrase winner? Wait for it …

Sherri Ybarra says she has winners in her campaign catchphrase competition. But she hasn’t announced the winners yet.

PROFILE: Jones joins race to push for new education direction

As a former chief deputy superintendent of public instruction, Jones says her experience sets her apart.

PROFILE: Ybarra’s a surprise nominee, with an uneven campaign

Sherri Ybarra is touting her front-line education experience in her first run for statewide office. But her campaign has been marked by self-inflicted gaffes and sporadic fundraising.

Ybarra fails to back up JFAC endorsement claims

The joint budget committee’s powerful co-chairs back Ybarra, but the campaign’s own endorsement lists include seven of the committee’s 20 members.

Superintendent’s candidates: comparing education resumes

Sherri Ybarra is admitted to the University of Idaho’s doctoral program in education, while Jana Jones received a doctorate in 2001.

The voting record story: what Ybarra had to say

Sherri Ybarra said she is running for the full-time state superintendent’s post, in part, to make up for her sporadic record of voting.

Ybarra, Jones clash in TV debate

Candidates differ on major budget priorities, go on the offensive as Election Day nears.

Ybarra skipped at least 15 of 17 state elections

Republican Superintendent nominee Sherri Ybarra has not voted in a statewide general election since moving to Mountain Home in 1996, county records show.

Ybarra is searching for a slogan

Can you think of a campaign catchphrase? If so, then Sherri Ybarra wants to hear from you.