State Department of Education

Ybarra’s legislative liaison is no stranger to education policy

New chief policy advisor Duncan Robb has experience teaching and worked on education policy in Washington, D.C., before moving to Idaho.

State’s leadership premium report fraught with bad math

The State Department of Education compiled the numbers — and submitted them to two legislative committees. The House Education Committee had some pointed questions Thursday.

Graduation rates: Some good news, and some old news

As the debate over Idaho graduation rates ratchets up, we take an in-depth look inside the numbers. And we reset the debate.

Eighteen districts receive lunchroom technology grants

The federal grants will help pay for computer equipment and technology upgrades for school lunchrooms.

State will shut down Schoolnet system on June 30

The State Department of Education received praise for their moves to fix two beleaguered school data projects.

State initiative to focus on teacher quality

The process stems back to a 2014 federal initiative requiring states to draw up plans designed to ensure uniform access to quality teachers.

State wants a more hands-on approach to science

The State Department of Education wants to rewrite Idaho’s science education standards. How would these new standards affect the classroom?

Troubled SBAC grading job carries $3 million price tag

Despite delayed results, the state says it will not seek penalties from its test vendors.

Interested in mastery learning? The state wants to hear from you

The State Department of Education is assembling a committee to look at the transition to mastery-based learning.

Ybarra’s social media non-presence

Want to get in touch with the state superintendent-elect? It doesn’t look like you’ll find her on Facebook and Twitter these days.