State Department of Education

Idaho Press: SDE cuts migrant education director’s position

Christina Nava’s last day on the job was Friday, Nicole Foy of the Idaho Press reported Monday.

As other states boost pre-K funding, Idaho misses out on share of federal grants

The State Department of Education could not pursue a share of $241 million in federal grants, because it cannot use state dollars as a funding match. Idaho is one of only four states that does not fund pre-K, according to a new study.

Sherri Ybarra, candidate for superintendent of public instruction

Ybarra squares off against Wilder Superintendent Jeff Dillon in the May 15 Republican primary election.

Cindy Wilson, candidate for state superintendent

Wilson faces Boise retiree Allen Humble in the May 15 Democratic primary election.

Allen Humble, candidate for superintendent of public instruction

Humble faces Capital High School teacher Cindy Wilson in the May 15 Democratic primary.

Jeff Dillon, candidate for state superintendent

Dillon squares off against incumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra in the May 15 GOP primary.

State seeks to award $1.5 million for after-school programs

The White House wants to mothball a program now serving 7,500 Idaho students. But for now at least, the state still has enough money to cover another round of grants.

New evaluation report outlines improvements — and ongoing confusion

Fewer than half of evaluations reviewed met all the criteria, according to a State Board of Education report issued Thursday. School leaders say they want better direction going forward. (INSIDE: short video clip of the “salient” point).

Idaho to stay the course with teacher evaluation model

The state will keep its evaluation tool in place. For the past two years, the state has received and accepted inaccurate teacher evaluations data from districts, prompting lawmakers and the State Board of Education to take action.

Ybarra’s office clarifies plans to comply with federal law

Hitting the earlier of two federal deadlines will allow Idaho time and flexibility if the state plan is not deemed in compliance with the ESSA law.