State Department of Education

Crunching numbers in the superintendent’s race

How and where did Sherri Ybarra win on Election Night? Here’s a closer look at the vote counts.

Post-election showdown: dueling Ybarra Twitter parodies

Politics in the Twitter age: Dueling parody accounts surface one day after Sherri Ybarra’s election as state superintendent.

Ybarra wins superintendent’s race

The vote tally was narrow all night. The outcome wasn’t clear until Ada County’s final ballots were counted Wednesday morning.

Catchphrase update: and the winners are …

The Republican superintendent’s candidate has an election catchphrase. Or three. And here they are.

Weekend poll: Ybarra 46 percent, Jones 45 percent

The state superintendent’s race is the closest statewide election, according to a poll released Saturday. Republicans hold double-digit leads in other statewide races.

Your Sherri Ybarra catchphrase update

Remember the superintendent candidate’s catchphrase contest? Winners will be announced at 8 a.m. Tuesday. Election Day.

Ybarra, Jones clash in final debate

More than 200 people attended the student-run debate at Compass Academy.

Idaho Falls kids organize, run debate

A group of 80 students from Compass Academy handled every aspect of a superintendent debate between Sherri Ybarra and Jana Jones.

Jones named in guardianship dispute

The state superintendent’s candidate says the civil claim over a family loan is false; her attorney calls the claim politically motivated. A court hearing is scheduled for Nov. 7.

Ybarra, district mum about campaign leave of absence

Sherri Ybarra has taken some time off from the Mountain Home School District to run for state superintendent. But the campaign and the district are saying little about the details.