Twin Falls School District

Twin Falls’ shift to hybrid instruction draws criticism

A handful of parents showed up at Monday’s school board meeting to protest the move, the Twin Falls Times-News reported.

Twin Falls district freezes spending in wake of shortfall

The Magic Valley district is running a $1.4 million shortfall, the Twin Falls Times-News reported Thursday.

Twin Falls district shuts down gun raffle fundraiser

“We’re not taking a stand on gun rights,” district spokeswoman Eva Craner told Ryan Blake of the Twin Falls Times-News. “It’s just not an appropriate raffle for our students.”

Twin Falls schools build ‘Collaboration Monday’ into the schedule

Students will get out early. Meanwhile, teachers will get an extra hour for training, planning and brainstorming.

Twin Falls to seek increased supplemental levy

The district will seek $10 million over two years. The current $4.25 million-a-year levy expires in June.

Districts impose $9.2 million in emergency levies

Growing school districts can impose the levies without getting voter approval. And in one district, trustees bypassed a vote on a $1.8 million levy.

Former Twin Falls teacher acquitted in rape case

Jason Benjamin admitted having sex with a 17-year-old student; he was 39 at the time. “We just felt that we couldn’t throw this guy’s life away, when in our definition she wasn’t raped,” the jury’s foreman told the Twin Falls Times-News.

Twin Falls to hire 15 unarmed school security staffers

The $375,000 will come from a patchwork of one-time funding sources, and the district will re-evaluate the plan next year, the Twin Falls Times-News reported.

Video of feigned graduation shooting sparks concerns

The incident occurred during Canyon Ridge High School’s May 22 graduation in Twin Falls, the Times-News reported.

Twin Falls to seek $47.5 million plant facilities levy

Twin Falls is the second large school district that has announced plans to take a ballot measure to voters on March 13.