Twin Falls School District

Refugee education hinges on a co-teaching model

‘We’ve called them arranged marriages:’ Twin Falls teams English language teachers with subject experts.

Refugee education programs become embroiled in national debate

Idaho’s refugee education programs are small and scattered. And their future rests with a debate over national security and terrorism.

New enrollment numbers, familiar hotspots

Enrollment is up by more than 4,400 students statewide — but that growth is far from uniform.

Couple recognized for going the extra mile

Twin Falls vice principal and his wife started programs to support the district’s homeless population.

Twin Falls tries after-school, credit-recovery program

The new program caters to students with attendance problems, teens with children or high school students with daytime jobs.

Senior projects: a burden with benefits

Every student in Idaho must complete a senior project before they can graduate. It requires at least 40 hours of work and can put a strain on a student’s senior year. The process is designed to help students solve real-world problems or investigate their interests.

Twin Falls trustees approve emergency levy

The Twin Falls School District Board of Trustees approved an emergency levy for $1.3 million in a special meeting on Monday. The full amount – $1,304,546 – is roughly 3 percent of the district’s $45 million budget. The levy will be used to hire six new para-educators, one half-time teacher, and to purchase additional supplies…

Twin Falls migrant kids learn education is a path forward

The two-year-old program serves 3- and 4-year old migrant students whose families work in agriculture or dairy.

Twin Falls boosts pay for substitute teachers

The demand for substitutes is up this year, and the district is struggling to find people willing to step in.

All-day kindergarten is a priority at Lincoln

The Twin Falls elementary school has seen huge gains for at-risk 5-year-olds who enroll for a full day of instruction.