Twin Falls to seek increased supplemental levy

The Twin Falls School District will go to voters in March, seeking an increased supplemental levy.

The request comes to $10 million over two years.

Twin Falls has had a supplemental levy on the books for the past eight years. In March 2017, voters approved a two-year, $8.5 million levy. This levy accounts for about 10 percent of the district’s overall budget.

The district says it would use the increased money to cover several line items, including school security and curriculum purchases.

The increase in the levy would translate to about $18 per $100,000 in taxable property value.

“This estimate is based on a conservative 2 percent market value increase,” the district said in a news release Tuesday. “If the market value increases more rapidly, as it has in previous years, the tax per $100,000 would decrease.”

Supplemental levies require only a simple majority to pass. In 2018-19 Idaho school districts collected a record $202 million in supplemental levies.

Here’s more from the Twin Falls Times-News, which first reported on the proposal.

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