supplemental levies

Tuesday’s election day tally: 41 districts, $174 million in levies

Tuesday’s school elections — which coincide with presidential primaries — aren’t as far-reaching as standalone election dates in recent years.

Idaho Press: Senator floats bill to eliminate supplemental levies

Sen. Jim Rice, R-Caldwell, is seeking to increase the sales tax from 6 percent to 7 percent, and use the proceeds to replace voter-approved school supplemental tax levies.

Supplemental levies and enrollment: crunching the numbers

How far does a supplemental levy go? The answer varies — widely — from district to district.

School elections: A mixed bag on levies, a spate of school board upsets

Lake Pend Oreille and Minidoka County voters narrowly passed supplemental levies, while Nampa’s supplemental levy failed by 11 votes. Meanwhile, incumbent trustees lost from Lakeland to Middleton, from West Ada to Teton County.

Another year, another record: Idaho’s supplemental levy bill keeps climbing

Ninety-two of Idaho’s 115 school districts will collect nearly $214 million in supplemental levies this year. But the reliance on voter-approved levies raises nagging concerns about equity.

Coming Tuesday: A first-of-its-kind school election day

For the first time, Idaho voters will elect school trustees during a November election. But many voters won’t even notice the difference, because most school board races are uncontested so won’t appear on the ballot.

Reclaim Idaho launches education funding initiative

The driving force behind Medicaid expansion wants the state to increase income taxes, bolstering K-12 budgets by more than $170 million a year.

Middleton trustees survive recall; Lakeland, Bonneville bond issues fail

Only one bond issue passed Tuesday: a $17 million measure in East Idaho’s Sugar-Salem School District.

What’s on the ballot? Tuesday’s school elections across Idaho

By the numbers: Eight districts will decide on $172 million in ballot measures, while three of Middleton’s five trustees face a recall election.

Report: Idaho school funding system hurts students of color

“Students of color are more likely to live in communities with the most difficulty approving local education dollars,” the Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy wrote in a new study.