supplemental levies

This time around, Troy’s supplemental levy passes with ease

When school reopens on Sept. 9, all-day kindergarten should be in session, sports teams will be on the field and some staff jobs could be filled again.

West Ada mulls Nov. 3 supplemental election

District leaders say the supplemental levy would not represent a tax increase, since they would seek to reauthorize the same supplemental levy that is already on the books.

Looking at levies — and property values

Several of Idaho’s property-poor school districts have struggled to pass supplemental tax levies.

Supplemental levies: by the numbers

What’s the biggest supplemental school levy in Idaho? And the smallest? Answers and numbers here.

Lapwai levy failure forces online P.E. courses

The district — one of Idaho’s poorest — has tried to pass two supplemental levies in 2014. Both have failed.

Poor districts struggle to pass levies

Three school districts — all with high poverty rates — will go before voters in August to take another shot at passing a tax levy. What do their stories say about the state of school funding in Idaho?

Large districts gearing up for bonds, levies

Bonneville, Nampa and Twin Falls school districts are set to run a supplemental levy or bond issue in 2014, while Meridian officials are considering a bond issue as well.