supplemental levies

March 9: A $299.6 million school election day

Forty-five of Idaho’s 115 school districts will seek bond issues or property tax levies. See what’s on the ballot in your corner of the state.

Idaho’s supplemental levy bill sets another record

All told, 92 districts will collect $216.6 million in voter-approved property taxes — the fifth successive year of record supplemental levies.

Repeat levies pass in West Ada, Middleton

The two-year levies — worth $28 million in West Ada and $3 million in Middleton — had failed during Idaho’s vote-by-mail spring primary.

Tuesday elections: West Ada, Middleton run repeat levies

In another Tuesday school election, the West Jefferson School District will seek a bond issue to replace a cafeteria and kitchen.

Analysis: Behind the legal maneuvering in the Reclaim Idaho initiative

Let’s not lose sight of the big-picture questions raised by the Reclaim Idaho initiative: How much should Idaho spend on public schools, and who ought to pay?

Middleton will rerun supplemental levy in August

Voters rejected the two-year, $3 million levy during this spring’s primary.

Analysis: A repeat levy, and a familiar debate over school elections

The West Ada School District will run a $28 million supplemental levy in August — making use of a law many legislators want to change.

West Ada will run supplemental levy again in August

Monday morning’s decision came only 13 days after voters rejected the proposal. West Ada will again seek to renew a two-year, $28 million levy.

An unusual $78.1 million election day for Idaho schools

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing the state to hold an unprecedented vote-by-mail election. Fifteen school districts have levies or bond issues on the ballot.

School elections: Pocatello, Nampa, Kamiah levies pass

All told, 41 school districts sought $174 million in levies Tuesday.