school safety

Ybarra launches online survey on school safety plan

Ybarra won’t seek funding for her $20.8 million plan until 2019 — if she is re-elected this year.

Moscow man charged in connection with online threats

The arrest came less than a week after Gov. Butch Otter signed off on a new law covering school threats made over social media platforms.

Survey reveals partisan shift on arming school teachers

Overall, 54 percent of survey respondents said armed teachers would enhance school safety, while 26 percent of respondents said it would make schools less safe.

Ybarra announces an unfunded $20.8 million school safety plan

State superintendent Sherri Ybarra won’t seek funding until 2019. She faces Republican and Democratic opposition in the 2018 election.

Idaho schools use a range of safety protocols, including guns

Here’s a look at how some approach safety in the age of mass shootings.

Jefferson County’s new emergency plan: Keep it simple

The district’s emphasis on improving school security comes at the heels of the state’s creation of the Office of School Safety and Security’s Advisory Board.

School safety study reveals challenges

Members of a school safety task force studied 74 of Idaho’s 730 public schools and found wide variances in security and safety planning and responsibility.

Idaho absent from dangerous schools list

Although no Idaho schools appears on the list of persistently dangerous schools, that does not mean Idaho schools are free of violence or danger.

Gun proposal draws a rapid recall reaction

The Lake Pend Oreille School Board member who has proposed arming school teachers may face a recall election in March.

Arming teachers: long hearing in Sandpoint

The majority of speakers at a public hearing favored allowing teachers to bring guns into classrooms. Lake Pend Orielle district Superintendent Shawn Woodward opposes the idea.