school safety

Ybarra’s school safety plan faces more questions

A lawmaker told Ybarra’s staff to remove the Office of School Safety and Security’s logo from Ybarra’s website.

More SROs? Or armed school ‘guardians?’ Florida debates school safety options

Other states, including Idaho, are weighing their options. The centerpiece of state superintendent Sherri Ybarra’s plan is an $18.5 million grant proposal to help schools add security staff.

Wilson: Ybarra’s school security plan ‘dead on arrival’

“Any proposal that didn’t include stakeholder input is bad,” the Democratic state superintendent candidate said Wednesday, in a joint interview with KIVI 6 On Your Side and Idaho Education News.

Does DeVos want to use federal dollars to arm teachers?

There are conflicting news reports about the Education Department’s plans. But a move to use federal dollars for firearms could put the White House at odds with Congress.

Twin Falls charter school allows staffer to carry concealed firearm

Xavier Charter School joins a handful of districts and charters that allow employees to carry concealed firearms on campus.

Study: Idaho most tolerant for guns in schools

Of all 50 states, only Idaho qualified in every gun-related category examined in a recent national study.

Lakeland to hire armed school guard

In time, the North Idaho school district hopes to have an armed guard at all 11 of its schools, the Coeur d’Alene Press reported.

Why school shootings happen where they ‘can’t’ happen

Mass school shootings are more likely to occur in small towns, not urban centers, according to the Associated Press. And experts say there are reasons for that.

Idaho ramps up school safety measures amid threats

State and local leaders are beefing up school safety measures amid rising fears of school shootings and local threats.

In the wake of school shootings, candidates stake out differences on safety

The gubernatorial candidates split along party lines on arming teachers and gun control.