Arming teachers: long hearing in Sandpoint

Lake Pend Orielle school trustees say they will take a long time deciding whether to allow teachers to bring guns to school.

That long process began Tuesday night in Sandpoint, with a long public hearing.

Testimony was divided, the Hagadone News Network reported Wednesday, with 18 speakers supporting the idea and 12 speakers opposed. Three speakers took no position.

Lake Pend Orielle is one of at least four Idaho school districts that are considering arming teachers. Under state law, trustees may allow “a person or an employee of the school or school district” to bring weapons onto school grounds.

However, a state school safety task force does not recommend arming teachers. And Lake Pend Orielle Superintendent Shawn Woodward opposes the idea as well, according to Cameron Rasmusson of the Hagadone News Network.

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