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Idaho supplemental tax bill hits all-time record

Ninety-three of Idaho’s 115 school districts will collect supplemental levies this year. The bottom line: $188.8 million.

Tax shift of 2006 adds up to tax increase

A decade ago, lawmakers and then-Gov. Jim Risch promised Idahoans tax relief. Instead, Idahoans paid an additional $21.7 million to support K-12 in 2015-16, according to an Idaho Education News analysis.

What the 2006 overhaul did to taxes in your school district

Do you want to see what happened with property taxes and market values in your district? Start here.

Taking a deep dive into the 2006 tax shift

In August 2006, Idaho lawmakers slashed $260 million in public school property taxes. How did the move affect K-12? How did it affect taxpayers? We take an in-depth look.

Looking at levies — and property values

Several of Idaho’s property-poor school districts have struggled to pass supplemental tax levies.

Idaho’s $1 billion school levy bill

Since 2007 — and during Gov. Butch Otter’s tenure — Idaho schools have backfilled budgets with more than $1 billion in supplemental property tax levies.

Supplemental levies: by the numbers

What’s the biggest supplemental school levy in Idaho? And the smallest? Answers and numbers here.

Nampa discusses framework of levy

Nampa could put another levy election before voters as early as March.

Nampa will (just) talk levy Tuesday

The Nampa School Board will hold a public meeting Tuesday night to discuss a possible supplemental property tax levy. But no public comment will be taken, and no decisions will be made.

Levies and bonds: looking at the trends

In the wake of the Great Recession, more than 30 school districts have added supplemental property tax levies to help make ends meet.