Idaho Democratic Party

Party platforms differ on pre-K funding

During their conventions last weekend, the parties also approved wording on tuition-free college and the Idaho Standards Achievement Test.

Democratic leaders rip proposed K-12 budgets

The comments came two days after the proposals received unanimous, bipartisan backing in committee.

Democrats wrap up harmonious convention

But can the state’s minority party capitalize in November?

Democrats approve platform, unanimously

A nod to teachers? “Pre-kindergarten” or “early childhood” education? “Climate change” or “climate disruption?” Idaho Democrats wrestled with wording — then unanimously adopted a party platform.

Conventional wisdom: a reading roundup

Here’s the latest on the Idaho Republican Party convention conflagration — and a look ahead to this weekend’s Idaho Democratic Party convention.

Democrats: We have a (secret) plan …

Democrats met last weekend in Twin Falls. Still no public word, yet, on announced candidates for governor, state superintendent of public instruction, or other statewide races.

Democrats quiz Idahoans on education

Democrats are asking Idahoans to weigh in on teacher pay, class sizes, and pre-kindergarten programs.

Democrats to hit the streets Saturday

Rallies, forums and phone calls are planned efforts to bring awareness to Idaho education issues. Each participating community has something different planned.

Magic will not fix Idaho’s economy

The key difference between the governor’s fantasy world and the real world the rest of us inhabit: Magic.
The governor will need powerful magic if he is to convince us that his recent embrace of education is a genuine priority.

‘Sink or swim:’ Dem chairman rips GOP leaders

A boatload of criticism? In a guest opinion, the chairman of the state’s Democratic Party takes on Gov. Butch Otter, Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna and House Speaker Scott Bedke.