Democrats quiz Idahoans on education

On its web page, the Idaho Democratic Party is asking voters seven quick questions about education.

Among other things, they’re asking about teacher salaries and class sizes. They’re also asking about pre-kindergarten, a concept popular with many education and business leaders, but one that has found little traction at the Statehouse.

Here’s their list of questions (and a link to our coverage of one of the Democrats’ statewide education events over the weekend):


  • 1) Do you usually vote for candidates who are:
  • 2) Do you believe that Idaho’s public education system is headed in the right direction?
  • 3) Do you believe that smaller class sizes help children succeed in school?
  • 4) Should Idaho school districts have authority to create pre-kindergarten programs in their communities?
  • 5) Do you believe that teachers’ salaries are fair?
  • 6) Do you support investing in needs-based scholarships for students to attend college or vocational schools?
  • 7) Should Idaho legislators set the state’s education budget first before setting any other budget?

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