Higher Education Task Force

As Idaho’s sticker prices rise, is college ‘too big a risk to take?’

When adjusted for inflation, Idaho’s college tuition and fees have increased more than fivefold since 1980, according to a new report from the Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy.

Higher ed task force stares at a new, daunting number: 40,000

If Idaho is going to meet its ballyhooed “60 percent goal,” at any time in the future, the state needs to get 40,000 new students into the university system.

Higher ed task force gets back to work Friday

The group — formed to help Idaho boost its languid college attendance and graduation rates — met twice during the 2017 legislative session, but made no recommendations to lawmakers.

Otter names his higher education task force

The 36 members include state superintendent Sherri Ybarra, members of the State Board of Education, college and university presidents and two students.