Higher Education Task Force

Business executives push for ‘higher ed CEO’

Seven business executives say the state could save untold millions of dollars by hiring a “higher ed CEO” to look for savings. Creating the CEO’s office could cost $2.5 million in 2018-19.

Idaho’s universities head into a year of turnover

Three Idaho colleges and universities need new presidents. While the state searches for applicants, what will happen to a series of recommendations to reshape the higher education system?

Colorado issues its own college completion goal

While Idaho wrestles with its “60 percent” postsecondary completion goal, Colorado wants 66 percent of its adults to hold a degree or postsecondary certificate.

Target 2025? Task force presses reset on the ’60 percent goal’

Gov. Butch Otter’s higher education task force wraps up its work by rethinking the state’s much-touted — but elusive — college completion goal.

The higher ed task force recommendations, at a glance

A statewide “digital campus.” Higher education funding based on student outcomes. Degrees based on subject mastery, not classroom hours. Here’s a closer look at the higher education task force’s wish list.

A decisive meeting looms for higher ed task force

The gubernatorial task force will meet in Boise Friday — and is likely to come up with recommendations for Gov. Butch Otter and the 2018 Legislature.

Latest ‘go-on’ snapshot shows some improvement

But even if the college enrollment numbers are trending upward — and that’s open to interpretation — Idaho is still a long way from hitting its much-touted “60 percent goal.”

Another 60 percent goal: Higher ed task force wants SAT scores to improve

The task force wants 60 percent of high school students to meet the SAT’s college- and career-readiness benchmarks in 2022-23. Only 32 percent of juniors hit this target in April.

Higher ed task force starts kicking around ideas

As Idaho continues to struggle to boost college go-on rates and graduation numbers, the task force spent Friday kicking around possible solutions. The group will make its recommendations on Sept. 15.

Higher ed task force reconvenes Friday

The group — which includes college and university presidents, business leaders and several state legislators — is expected to make recommendations in September.